Guests are a part of ROBLOX. You play as a guest if your too lazy to take 30 seconds to make an account. They also tend to hack your game.


Guests appear in every game at least once. Usually when your playing one.


Most guests act the same, but some DO act different. Here are some examples.

75% - HACKERSEdit

Hackers are common nowadays, and most play as guests. There are 3 types of these hackers.


Script kiddies(skiddies) make up a third of a sub-sub-species of guests. These types of hackers will find other people's hard work on hacks and use them to "b mlge aht alpacalips risin". We have no idea what that means, and the The Un-Roblox Team are working their best to decode it. We are having no luck what-so-ever. Once the hack gets patched, the skiddies will complain and complain until they find a hack simple enough to set up and work. And the cycle repeats.


These types of hackers will get a cookie editing program and edit their guest numbers. This used to be 98%, but after they patched it to the point that it only works 1% of the time, it went down drastically.


These people make the hacks for the skiddies. Their hacks are always under the threat of being patched. Roblox's evil team of coding will always find them. And when they do, they will kill them. And that's why HaruNee will never get a V5.


These guys just walk up to you and jump on your head a few times before leave and joining on their main account and yell "U JOST GOT PRANKD". Always report them for spamming/bullying.


These fucks have no idea what they're doing, so they play with the Arrow keys instead of the master race WASD keys. They think your on the other team in games, they always depend on someone in puzzle games, and even worse. THEY. THINK. ONLINE. DATING. IS. ALLOWED. End of page.

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